Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bangladesh Football: Same Old Story

Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club has recently clinched the title of the 7th edition of Bangladesh Premier League (also known as B-League), which is the country’s premier domestic football tournament.
This is the second time Sheikh Jamal has become B-League champion after clinching the title in their debut season in 2010-11. This term, what is even more important is the dominance with which Sheikh Jamal won the title, ensuring it even two games left in hands.
It might seem encouraging for Bangladesh football that clubs like Sheikh Jamal and Sheikh Russel are emerging, breaking the years of dominance shown by two big powerhouses: Dhaka Abahani and Mohammedan Sporting.
Champions Sheikh Jamal lost only one of their 27 league games, amassing 64 points with 12 points separating them from runners-up Dhaka Abahani who are the four-time winner of the competition.
On the way to clinching league title, Sheikh Jamal scored a jaw-dropping 78 goals at a scoring rate of 2.88 goals per match.
Despite such dominance, there is little to be pleased with when it comes to the performance of local players. Out of Sheikh Jamal’s 78 league goals, 60 were contributed by their three foreign recruits: Haitian striker Wedson Anseleme and Nigerian striker Emeka Darlington and Wedson’s compatriot Sony Norde.
Wedson scored the league highest 26 goals, just a goal less than Abdus Salam Murshedy’s all-time league record of 27 goals set in 1982.
While foreigners’ goal galore provided the spectators with sheer excitement, the same cannot be said to be about the local players.
Mohammedan’s young striker Wahed Ahmed is the highest scorer among the local strikers with 15 goals to his credit despite playing around 18-19 matches. In an interview with the Daily Prothom-Alo, Wahed called for more opportunities for the local strikers, claiming that the clubs are overly reliant on the foreign players.
When asked about his feeling upon the completion of his debut season in Bangladesh, top scorer Wedson did not hide his frustration at seeing almost empty-gallery during the matches.
This frustration is shared by many football fans of Bangladesh who still dream that football’s glory days would come back one day in Bangladesh. The country still has thousands of football lovers which is in evident during international tournaments like FIFA World Cup and EURO.

Bangladesh cannot become even a South Asian giant overnight. Football federation along with the clubs needs to drive forward with a clear vision and some pragmatic decisions which are to be implemented as effectively as possible. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Most Welcome 2: Barsha in 20 lakh taka Sari

M.A. Jalil Ananta and Barsha’s next movie Most Welcome 2 will hit the theatres soon. Barsha is playing the female lead and she will be seen wearing a sari worth Tk.2million (20 Lakh). For the first time, any Bangladeshi actress will be seen wearing such expensive dresses on the screen.  

Barsha is now shooting for the movie. The dress-designer of the movie came up with the idea. Barsha wore clothes of many famous brands. Recently, she completed shooting of a song, “Obak Prem” for the movie. In this particular song, Barsha wore a saree and three evening gowns priced more than Tk. 2 million.

Barsha is very excited about the movie. She told reporters, “We produce big-budget movies and we spare no expense to provide maximum entertainment to our viewers. Ananta is credited to have produced movies of international standards in Bangladesh.
Most Welcome 2  had been shot in beautiful locations in different countries around the world.

Ananta also wore fashionable clothes in this movie. Most Welcome 2 is the sequel of Ananta’s 2012 hit Most Welcome. As per media report, most of the work of the movie had been completed.


Bangla Rock Band Miles is going global

Popular Bangladeshi rock band, Miles, recently signed a deal with two International companies- Kinetic Music and Norway-based Gakk Media Ltd. Hamin Ahmed revealed the news at a press conference organized at VIP Lounge of Press Club on November 29, 2014.

Under the agreement, all the music of Miles will be distributed by these two companies all over the world for the next three years. Members of the band and officials of the two companies were present at the press conference.

Fans of Miles will now be able to download songs on their mobile devices from anywhere around the world via Nokia app store and Google Play stores at a reasonable price. The band will receive royalty from music sales.  

The band’s vocal, Shafin Ahmed, said, “Since its inception, Miles tried to stand outside from the crowd. We were also keen on promoting our music in international arena. I want to tell everyone that Bangladesh music industry has huge potential which we shall see pretty soon.”

Hamin Ahmed, another member of the band said that their dream of promoting their music in international arena finally came true. They were very excited.

Miles is one of the most popular rock bands of Bangladesh. The band started its journey in 1979. Till date, the band released 9 albums. Their latest album “Proticchobi” will be released in the coming Bengali New Year celebration.  


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pran Group is setting up a Bicycle Assembly plant

It is surely a good news for the local economy of Habiganj district. Pran group is investing US $10 million on a bicycle assembly plan there. The plant is going to have two units- one for the domestic Bangladeshi market and the other one is for exporting to foreign markets.
According to, the company is targeting for the European Union market in the initial stage. The company is also going to produce different kind of bicycles, from ‘from BMX to mountain trekking and road bikes’.
Bangladesh has special access to the EU market when it comes to exporting bicycles. Already the country export a decent number of bikes to EU already. So, Pran Group has taken a good decision to take advantage of this opportunity.

Bicycles are a part of daily life in Bangladesh. However, these days, it has gained considerable popularity in Dhaka among the young generation. So, the demand for fashionable, modern and expensive bikes is going increase. Bangladesh has a population of 160 million and has a consistent economic growth of 6%. So, there is a lot of room for producing and manufacturing almost anything including bicycles. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Suchitra Sen is stable now but kept under observation

Legendary Bengali actress, Suchitra Sen, is stable now but she is not out of danger. The 82-year old actress had been suffering from chest infection and was admitted to hospital on December 23, 2013. Her condition worsened since then and doctors put her on non-invesive ventilation.

She was scheduled to undergo cataract operation but it was postponed due to his heart condition. The Hindu reports:

The medical condition of legendary actor Suchitra Sen has stabilised to some extent, although she needs intermittent non-invasive ventilator support.

A medical bulletin issued by the private hospital where she is admitted said her oxygen saturation, although fluctuating, is maintained at a reasonable level.

On January 6, 2014, Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal, came to see her condition. She talked with her for twenty five minutes and then left.

Suchitra Sen is considered to be one of the finest actresses of Bengali cinema. Uttam Kumar-Suchitra Sen pair was considered to be one of the best pairs in the history Bangla cinema.

Her last outing with Soumitra Chatterjee in Pronoy Pasha (1978) did poorly. She then went into a self-imposed exile.

Pori Moni will play Reshma in her next movie

Model-turned-actress Pori Moni is going to play the role of Reshma, the survivor of Rana Plaza, in her next movie. Reshma, a female garments employee, got the attention of the world when she miraculously survived for 17 days under the debris of Rana Plaza.

The movie titled “Rana Plazar Reshma” will be directed by by Nazrul Islam Khan and music will be composed by Ali Akram Shuvo. Shooting of the movie will start from January 12, 2014 in FDC. Simon will star with Pori Moni in the movie.

Pori Moni is quite excited about her character. She said, “For the first time I am playing character of a real life person and it is a big challenge for me. I have already got my script and I am working on my character. I am regularly talking with the women who work in the garments to understand my character and I hope that I will be successful.”

Pori Moni started her career as a model. She also did few TV dramas such as Second Innings, Nari. She made her debut in cinema last year in Valobasha Shimahin with Zayed Khan.

Let’s see how Pori Moni plays the role of Reshma in this movie.


Sagor and Shampa in Moner Moddhe Lekha Naam

Moner Moddhe Lekha Naam is an upcoming romantic movie starring Sagor and Shampa, one of the most promising pairs of Dhallywood. The movie is directed by Motaleb Hossain Mahmud Hossain Murad and produced by Merina Movies.

Both Sagor and Shampa came from a reality show “Super Hero Super Heroine.” In the movie, Shampa plays the role of a girl named Lekha and Sagor plays the role of Raja. The movie got uncut sensor certificate from the authority.

Sagor said, “I was drawn to this movie for its beautiful story and I also believe that viewers will enjoy it too.”

Shampa said, “It is a pure romantic movie and shows the value of sacrifice and I strongly believe that viewers will like it too.”

Shooting of the movie started in September last year and it will be released in theatres pretty soon.