Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Most Welcome 2: Barsha in 20 lakh taka Sari

M.A. Jalil Ananta and Barsha’s next movie Most Welcome 2 will hit the theatres soon. Barsha is playing the female lead and she will be seen wearing a sari worth Tk.2million (20 Lakh). For the first time, any Bangladeshi actress will be seen wearing such expensive dresses on the screen.  

Barsha is now shooting for the movie. The dress-designer of the movie came up with the idea. Barsha wore clothes of many famous brands. Recently, she completed shooting of a song, “Obak Prem” for the movie. In this particular song, Barsha wore a saree and three evening gowns priced more than Tk. 2 million.

Barsha is very excited about the movie. She told reporters, “We produce big-budget movies and we spare no expense to provide maximum entertainment to our viewers. Ananta is credited to have produced movies of international standards in Bangladesh.
Most Welcome 2  had been shot in beautiful locations in different countries around the world.

Ananta also wore fashionable clothes in this movie. Most Welcome 2 is the sequel of Ananta’s 2012 hit Most Welcome. As per media report, most of the work of the movie had been completed.


Bangla Rock Band Miles is going global

Popular Bangladeshi rock band, Miles, recently signed a deal with two International companies- Kinetic Music and Norway-based Gakk Media Ltd. Hamin Ahmed revealed the news at a press conference organized at VIP Lounge of Press Club on November 29, 2014.

Under the agreement, all the music of Miles will be distributed by these two companies all over the world for the next three years. Members of the band and officials of the two companies were present at the press conference.

Fans of Miles will now be able to download songs on their mobile devices from anywhere around the world via Nokia app store and Google Play stores at a reasonable price. The band will receive royalty from music sales.  

The band’s vocal, Shafin Ahmed, said, “Since its inception, Miles tried to stand outside from the crowd. We were also keen on promoting our music in international arena. I want to tell everyone that Bangladesh music industry has huge potential which we shall see pretty soon.”

Hamin Ahmed, another member of the band said that their dream of promoting their music in international arena finally came true. They were very excited.

Miles is one of the most popular rock bands of Bangladesh. The band started its journey in 1979. Till date, the band released 9 albums. Their latest album “Proticchobi” will be released in the coming Bengali New Year celebration.  


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pran Group is setting up a Bicycle Assembly plant

It is surely a good news for the local economy of Habiganj district. Pran group is investing US $10 million on a bicycle assembly plan there. The plant is going to have two units- one for the domestic Bangladeshi market and the other one is for exporting to foreign markets.
According to, the company is targeting for the European Union market in the initial stage. The company is also going to produce different kind of bicycles, from ‘from BMX to mountain trekking and road bikes’.
Bangladesh has special access to the EU market when it comes to exporting bicycles. Already the country export a decent number of bikes to EU already. So, Pran Group has taken a good decision to take advantage of this opportunity.

Bicycles are a part of daily life in Bangladesh. However, these days, it has gained considerable popularity in Dhaka among the young generation. So, the demand for fashionable, modern and expensive bikes is going increase. Bangladesh has a population of 160 million and has a consistent economic growth of 6%. So, there is a lot of room for producing and manufacturing almost anything including bicycles. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Suchitra Sen is stable now but kept under observation

Legendary Bengali actress, Suchitra Sen, is stable now but she is not out of danger. The 82-year old actress had been suffering from chest infection and was admitted to hospital on December 23, 2013. Her condition worsened since then and doctors put her on non-invesive ventilation.

She was scheduled to undergo cataract operation but it was postponed due to his heart condition. The Hindu reports:

The medical condition of legendary actor Suchitra Sen has stabilised to some extent, although she needs intermittent non-invasive ventilator support.

A medical bulletin issued by the private hospital where she is admitted said her oxygen saturation, although fluctuating, is maintained at a reasonable level.

On January 6, 2014, Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal, came to see her condition. She talked with her for twenty five minutes and then left.

Suchitra Sen is considered to be one of the finest actresses of Bengali cinema. Uttam Kumar-Suchitra Sen pair was considered to be one of the best pairs in the history Bangla cinema.

Her last outing with Soumitra Chatterjee in Pronoy Pasha (1978) did poorly. She then went into a self-imposed exile.

Pori Moni will play Reshma in her next movie

Model-turned-actress Pori Moni is going to play the role of Reshma, the survivor of Rana Plaza, in her next movie. Reshma, a female garments employee, got the attention of the world when she miraculously survived for 17 days under the debris of Rana Plaza.

The movie titled “Rana Plazar Reshma” will be directed by by Nazrul Islam Khan and music will be composed by Ali Akram Shuvo. Shooting of the movie will start from January 12, 2014 in FDC. Simon will star with Pori Moni in the movie.

Pori Moni is quite excited about her character. She said, “For the first time I am playing character of a real life person and it is a big challenge for me. I have already got my script and I am working on my character. I am regularly talking with the women who work in the garments to understand my character and I hope that I will be successful.”

Pori Moni started her career as a model. She also did few TV dramas such as Second Innings, Nari. She made her debut in cinema last year in Valobasha Shimahin with Zayed Khan.

Let’s see how Pori Moni plays the role of Reshma in this movie.


Sagor and Shampa in Moner Moddhe Lekha Naam

Moner Moddhe Lekha Naam is an upcoming romantic movie starring Sagor and Shampa, one of the most promising pairs of Dhallywood. The movie is directed by Motaleb Hossain Mahmud Hossain Murad and produced by Merina Movies.

Both Sagor and Shampa came from a reality show “Super Hero Super Heroine.” In the movie, Shampa plays the role of a girl named Lekha and Sagor plays the role of Raja. The movie got uncut sensor certificate from the authority.

Sagor said, “I was drawn to this movie for its beautiful story and I also believe that viewers will enjoy it too.”

Shampa said, “It is a pure romantic movie and shows the value of sacrifice and I strongly believe that viewers will like it too.”

Shooting of the movie started in September last year and it will be released in theatres pretty soon.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hason Raja biographical documentary of Bibesh Roy

Hason Raja is an iconic figure in Bangladesh’s folk song arena. Bibesh Roy is making a biographical documentary on the legend. He received grant Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy (BSA) to make this documentary.

Roy hails from Madhyanogor, Sunamganj and he has been making documentary for the last twelve years. His first documentary, ‘Dhaner Kabbo,’ was based on Sunamganj area. Moonmoon, one of the popular Bangla cinema actresses, acted in this documentary.
Roy said that he would start working on the documentary as soon as political condition of the country becomes stable.

About the documentary, Roy said, “Creating a biographical documentary on Hason Raja is a very difficult task but I have been very lucky for the students of my Academy of Film and Media have been helping me. They are going to different places and collecting valuable information.” He also said that it would have been better if he had talked with Hason Raja’s great-grandson, Lt. Colonel Tasawar Raja, for he had many important information on the legend. Journalist Ovi Moinuddin is going to assist Roy in making this documentary.


Amelia Maltepe: Transgender model from Bangladesh wants to be Miss World

23 year old Amelia Maltepe is an aspiring glamour model living in Toronto with her boyfriend, Charles Dubuc, 27. It is her dream to become Miss World. Here is her picture with her boyfriend.  

She is very beautiful but what is interesting about Amelia is that she was a man. Amelia was born and brought up as Adesh in a Muslim family in Dhaka. Since childhood, Adesh was very different from other boys. In 2009, Adesh came to Canda to study business accounting and it opened his eyes. Mirror reports: 

Amelia, raised as Adesh, said: "To be become a Miss World is one of my biggest dreams.
"Growing up I always felt that I was trapped in the wrong body and the idea of changing gender was never an option."….
She said: "It was the first time I realised you could use surgery and medicine to change your birth gender.
"It was an amazing moment and I felt like I could finally be the person I always was."

Amelia is enjoying her new identity but her family was shocked after they came to know about her decision.

Last year, Amelia caused controversy when she appeared in a photo shoot in Toronto Sun. When her birth gender was made public, readers made a petition not to publish photos transgender models in the paper. Amelia was upset initially but did not lose heart. She wants to continue modeling.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Good Future for Bangladeshi Economy?

I was born just after a few years of Bangladeshi independence and have experienced most of the major events of the country as I was born and stayed almost all my life in the capital city Dhaka. In my childhood, I can never imagine of seeing traffic jam. However, now, except Friday, all the parts of Dhaka are full of traffic. Yes, most of the time, it is intolerable but then, it indicates that economic activities are growing.
For the last few years, Bangladeshi economy grew at a rate of near to 6%. China had its double digit growth. India did not quite make the double digit growth but it has enjoyed around 8% growth for a number of years. Now, perhaps the time has come for us. Double digit growth still looks to be out of reach but it is not impossible. I am hopeful about it because of the fact that education rate is improving right from the primary to university level. Enrollment is improving in every level of education.

2013 was a challenging year for the economy and 2014 looks to be another tough year too. Let us hope that the country can overcome the political problems and move forward. 

M A Jalil Ananta Trivia

M A Jalil Ananta needs no introduction. He is one of the most popular actors of Dhallywood at present. He is a successful businessman, actor and movie director and producer. Recently, he has become the brand ambassador of Grameenphone.

Ananta is well-known for making big-budget action movies shot in beautiful foreign locations, breath-taking action sequences and CGI effects. No other Dhallywood film-maker used this approach of film making. Ananta’s movies are not only released in Bangladesh but also in many countries around the world. In this post, I will give you some interesting facts about M A Jalil Ananta.  

M. A. Jalil Ananta hails from Munshiganj. He was born on April 17. His mother passed away when he was only five years old. His father raised him and his elder brother.

His action hero rating is 8.0.

M.A.Jalil Ananta is 5’7 tall and weighs 72 kg. He is a bodybuilder. He works very hard to keep in shape.

M.A.Jalil Ananta completed his “O” level and “A” level from Oxford International School in Dhaka. He then went to Manchester to study Business Administration and Fashion Designing.  

M.A.Jalil Ananta’s hobby includes traveling and gardening.

Before coming to the movies, M. A. Jalil Ananta was a successful businessman. After returning from Manchester in 2001, he then joined with his brother. With his hardwork, dedication, and determination, he established his own garments factories. Today, he is the Chairman and Managing Director of AJI Group, a reputed business house with diverse operations including Polo Circular Knitting Unit, Polo Dyeing Plant, Polo Washing Plant, Polo Embroidery Unit, Polo Screen Print Unit and Polo Flat Bed Print Unit.   

M.A.Jalil Ananta does a lot of charity works. He established three orphanages in Mirpur, Baitul Aman Housing and Modhumati Model town in Savar. He is also working to build an elderly care center at Dhalla Village in Hemayetpur, Savar. Recently, Ananta came to know about a cancer patient from Facebook. His family was raising money for his cancer treatment. Ananta went to see him and helped him to raise money for his treatment.

M.A.Jalil Ananta is married to model-turned-actress Afiea Nusrat Barsha, who is also his female lead in four movies. The couple first appeared in Khoj: The Search in 2010 and got married in 2011. As per media report, the couple divorced in 2013 due to Ananta’s extra-marital affair with Sumaiya Azgar Raha, another model-turned-actress, who worked with Ananta in Khoj: The Search.    

Recently, Ananta and Lux Channel i Superstar Mumtaheena Toya appeared in a TV commercial of Grameenphone, the leading mobile network operator in Bangladesh. The commercial was shot in the head office of Grameen Phone at Bashundhara. The commercial was directed by Misbahur Rahman Suman. 

From his young age, Ananta wanted to act in cinema. He wanted to do something different as an actor. His movies speak a lot about his vision of cinema. All his movies have high production cost. He goes to various locations around the world to shoot his movies. Ananta bears all the expense of his movies. Such grand vision and ideas had never been seen before in Dhallywood. In this regard, M.A.Jalil Ananta can be referred as a trend-setter in Bangladeshi film industry.

Another major feature of his movies is the use of latest computer technology such as motion control software.

Ananta hires artists and dancers from all over the world. All the songs of his movies have great choreography compared to those of the traditional Bangladeshi cinemas.

Another great thing about M. A. Jalil Ananta is that he brought many veteran directors and actors of Bangladesh in his movies who stopped working in movies.

Ananta has his own movie production company, Monsoon Films Ltd ( All his movies have been produced by this company.
Ananta spares no expense for his movies. He employs well-trained stuntmen and crew. He himself performs many stunts. The movies are edited in renowned studios and released all over the world. Many non-residential Bangladeshis watched his movies.

Ananta made his debut as an actor in 2010 with Khoj: The Search. It was an action movie. Ananta played the role Major Mahmud, a secret service agent working for Bangladesh Counter Intelligence (BCI), who brings an international arms dealer to justice. His character was inspired from “Masud Rana,” the central character of Qazi Anwar Hussain’s popular spy-thriller novel series by the same name. Directed by Iftakar Chowdhury and produced by Ananta, the movie also introduced Eamin Haque aka Bobby and Afiea Nusrat Barsha. Khoj: The Search was released in 44 cinema halls all over Bangladesh and it was an instant success.

In 2011, Ananta released “Ridoy Bhanga Dheu.” The movie was directed by renowned director Gazi Mazharul Anwar and stars Alomgir , Barsha, Ananto , and Kabila. It was also an action movie.  

In 2012, “The Speed” was released.  Sohanur Rahman Sohan, who directed hit movies like Keyamat theke Keyamat, directed this movie. The movie was shot in beautiful locations in Malaysia. The post-production work was done by Prasad Film Labs in Chennai. Actors from Malaysia, Russia, Italy and Iran appeared in the movie. The movie was released in 24 theatres in Bangladesh and 7 theatres in Malaysia. “The Speed” received positive reviews from the critics and viewers loved the movie.

“Most Welcome” was also released in that same year. This was the third film of Ananta-Barsha pair. The movie was directed by Anonno Mamun. It was his directorial debut.  Released in August, Most Welcome went on to become the highest grossing movies of all time in Bangladesh with a box office collection of $ 2.1 million. Ananta played the role of a government employee and vigilante fighting the evil of the society.  On March 2013, international premiere of Most Welcome took place at Ilford Cineworld in London.  The movie was also showcased at Cineworld Birmingham, Bradford, Enfield, Wood Green, Wands Worth, Ilford, Wolverhampton and Louton. The movie would be showcased in USA, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Quatar and Dubai.

Ananta’s next movie was Nishwartha Bhalobasa. With this movie, Ananta debuted as a director. Nishwartha Bhalobasa was a major milestone in the history of Bangladeshi mainstream commerical cinema for it was screened at the 66th Cannes Film Festival in France on May 18, 2013. On June 30, 2013, the movie was premiered in Star Cineplex, Bashundhara city. The movie was released in theaters in August. Ananta showed major improvement as an actor in this movie. Like his previous movies, this one also did very well at the box office. Viewers and critics both liked Ananta’s performance.

Ananta is now working on his next film Most Welcome2. It is a sequel of Most Welcome. Already, the movie is creating a lot of buzz in Dhallywood. As per media report, the movie will star popular Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu. Ananta and Clive Curtis wrote and directed the movie.

It is true that Ananta has some shortcomings but the most important fact is he tried to do something for Dhallywood. Before Ananta, the condition of mainstream commercial cinema in Dhallywood was not so good and there was no variation in movie-making. Ananta came and changed all that. Thanks to him, many people who once stopped going to the cinema halls have started to return. Thus, I would say that Ananta is doing a great job and I wish him all the best for his upcoming movies.


Monday, January 6, 2014

Mahin Sabin makes silver screen debut with Sankalpo

Mahin Sabin is a well-known TV celebrity among new comers. She made her silver screen debut with a movie, Sankalpo, directed by Taju Kamrul. Here, she is cast against Shamol Mowla. She will be introduced as Rafee with this movie. According to her, Sankalpo is being made based on a patriotic story, an off-track movie. She enjoyed the story very much.
Now, a lot of movie offers are coming. If I get plot and role that I dream, I will sign some more movies, told Rafee.
Rafee start her acting career with Nagorik Nattodol in 2009. Afterwards, she made her debut on the small screen with a TV serial titled ‘Guptodhon’. Then she appeared in Mizanur Rahman Labu’s ‘Kochuripana’, Saleh Ahmed Mona’s ‘Katatarer Bera’, Ahmed Azim Titu’s ‘Chokh’ dramas.
Rafee told, ‘Katatarer Bera’ and ‘Adrita’ were two most challenging task of her career. In ‘Katatarer Bera’, he played the role of a prostitute.
She told, “The whole drama was shoot in a brothel in Tangail. It was not an easy task to portray the story of their wretched life.”
Because of her work in cinema, she has reduced her works in drama. However, she is not saying good bye to small screen at this moment. She has earned name and fame on small screen. It is going to be a big challenge for her whether she can taste the similar success on big screen as she did on small screen. 

Motia Banu Shuku’s new TV serial Dhanni Meye will be aired on Channel 9 from 15 January

Motia Banu Shuku written TV serials are Chup-Kotha, Aparajita and Pragya Paramita. Of them, she jointly directed Pragya Paramita along with Juboraj Khan. Now, she is directing a new TV serial written by her own. The name of this TV serial is Dhanni Meye which is scheduled to be aired on Channel 9 from 15 January.
Shagota is doing the title character of Dhanni Meye. She said, in this play I am a very calm and quiet girl who is a Doctor. I have worked with the same director earlier. I was a health worker in Ekta Kinle Ekta Free and doctor in Chup-Kotha. I am enjoying working with her.
Last Sunday Shuku said, now the shooting of the serial’s title song is going on. It was sung by Kona.
Abul Hayat, Samia, Sharna, Shamol Mawla, Dipannita Halder, Dolly Jahur and others have acted in this movie.  

It should be noted here that viewers have high expectation about her works. They know that Shuku will not disappoint them. Her new serial will give the viewers entertainment. 

Mahmood Mithu directed Jonakir Alo will be shown in Mumbai

There will be an opening exhibition of Khalid Mahmood Mithu’s latest movie, Jonakir Alo, on Tuesday at Mumbai in India. This movie has been nominated for the competition round of the twelfth Asian Film Festival organized by Third Eye in India. Afterwards, its opening exhibition will be at Dhaka International Film Festival in Dhaka hosted by Rainbow.
No decision has been taken to release the movie commercially in different cinema theatres of the country. Mithu said, decision will be taken after the country’s political condition will be normal. The movie, Jonakir Alo, has received clearance from censor board December last year.

Emon, Mim and others will be seen performing different roles in this movie. This movie is expected to make a good business at the box office. Even those people who have negative idea about Bengali film can come and watch this. I hope this movie will not disappoint them. 

Top Ten Bangladeshi Cricket Players

In Bangladesh, popularity of cricket is increasing day by day. Even it has surpassed football in a bid of popularity. Young generation of our country is giving much focus on playing cricket rather than other sports. The main purpose of choosing this game as a career is to earn name and fame internationally. Bangladesh is no more a weak opponent. In their short cricket career, they have defeated many big test playing countries and have been named giant killer. Bangladesh cricket team has produced many talented players. Here, in this entry, I have given a list of ten Bangladeshi players based on their performance. If you have anything to share then let us know in the comment section.
Shakib Al Hasan: Shakib Al Hasan is considered as one of the most successful cricket players of Bangladesh. The 26-year-old left-handed all-rounder is undoubtedly the best cricketer Bangladesh has ever produced. He brought respect for his country after becoming the world number one all-rounder in Test cricket in December 2011.
However, Shakib Al Hasan lost his position to Indian player R. Ashwin in the recently announced ICC Test all-rounder rankings and dropped one place to second. He has continued his dominance in the ODI all-rounder rankings holding the top position while he is ranked fourth in T20I all-rounder rankings.
He is the first player from Bangladesh to feature in English county, Worcestershire, and spent several months playing for the club in 2010. He has also played in Sri Lankan Premier League, Caribbean Premier League and Big Bash League (BBL).
Claiming 113 wickets from 32 Test matches, he has become the highest wicket taker of Bangladesh.
Raqibul Hasan: The legendary cricketer, Raquibul Hasan, is regarded as one of the best batsman of his time in the history of Bangladesh cricket. He became the first and only Bengali to play for the Pakistan cricket team after being selected in the Pakistan squad at the age of 18. He was picked against the Commonwealth in a four-day match on 26 February 1971 at the Bangabandhu Stadium in Dhaka. However, due to the turmoil creamed by the crowd on the final day, the match was abandoned.
After Bangladesh became independent in 1971, he returned to his country and became a very important figure building the Bangladesh cricket. Later he became the country’s first captain. Making his international debut in 1986, he played two ODIs against Pakistan and Sri Lanka in Asia Cup and scored 17 runs in total.
Akram Khan: Akram Khan is considered as the first real hero of Bangladesh cricket due to his contribution that helped the national team to become a Full member from Associate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC). He played a very important role in 1997 ICC Trophy in Malaysia which Bangladesh won and qualified for the 1999 Cricket World Cup for the first time.
He along with Aminul Islam and Minhazul Abedin made a strong middle-order batting trio. He comes from a family where sport was given first choice despite the times. He made his ODI debut in 1988 and scored 976 runs including 5 half-centuries, in 44 one-day international matches. He made his Test debut with Bangladesh’s inaugural Test match in 2000 against India and since then played 8 Tests where he scored 259 runs at an average of 16.18     . Now, he is the currently the chief selector of Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB).
He is the paternal uncle of Nafees Iqbal and Tamim Iqbal.
Aminul Islam Bulbul: Aminul Islam Bulbul, one of Bangladesh’s most celebrated cricketers in the pre-Test-status era, was part of a middle-order batting trio who kept up the country’s hope of playing in the World Cup. He became the third player after Charles Bannerman and Dave Houghton to score a century in a nation’s Test debut. Even his 145-run innings against India is the second highest score after Australia’s Bannerman’s 165 in the first official Test match.
He played 39 ODI matches from 1988 to 2002 because Bangladesh rarely got the chance to play official one day internationals until it became a full member of ICC in 2000. Playing 13 Tests, he scored 530 runs at an average of 21.20, including 1 century and 2 half-centuries.
He was appointed captain of Bangladesh cricket team in 1999 cricket world cup.
Mohammad Ashraful: Mohammad Ashraful was undoubtedly one of the talented players of Bangladesh cricket team. It is sad to see that such a player like him being suspended after admitting his involvement into spot-fixing during the 2013 Bangladesh Premier League. If he did not involve himself in this scam then he would be the legendary figure of Bangladesh cricket history.
He became the youngest player to score a century in Test cricket after scoring 114 runs in the second innings against Sri Lanka on 6 September 2001, which was his Test debut game. It was not an easy achievement because he hat to bat against Muttiah Muralitharan and Chaminda Vaas.
In his 61-Test career, he scored 6 hundreds that record is yet to be made by any Bangladeshi batsman.
Mohammed Rafiq: Mohammed Rafiq is a very well-known figure in Bangladesh. During his era, he was regarded as one of the second best finger spinners after New Zealand’s Daniel Vettori. He will be recognized to his fans as a leading wicket-taker for Bangladesh in Test matches. In 33 Test matches, he claimed 100 wickets at an economy rate of 2.79. Playing 125 ODIs, he took 125 wickets and became the first Bangladeshi player to have taken 100 wickets in both Tests and ODIs. Besides, he has also scored 1000 runs in both formats.
He was also effective hard-hitter lower-order batsman. Depending on his 77-run innings, Bangladesh cricket team registered their first ever ODI match victory against Kenya in May 1998 at Hyderabad. He was one of the players of Bangladesh’s inaugural Test match in 2000.
Abdur Razzak: Abdur Razzak is one of the senior players in the current Bangladesh cricket squad. This slow left-arm orthodox bowler is the only Bangladeshi player to take 200 wickets in ODI. Though he has just played 11 Tests since making his debut in 2006 against Australia, he is a regular member of ODI format. Playing 147 ODIs from 2004, he has taken 204 wickets at an economy rate of 4.49 and has been more successful bowler in the shorter format of this game. He has claimed only 23 wickets in 11 Test matches.
It can be undoubted said that better future is waiting for the 31-year-old player. He should try to take as many wickets as possible to take his record to a highest which cannot be easily accessible.
Tamim Iqbal: Tamim Iqbal is the nephew of veteran Bangladeshi cricketer Akram Khan and brother of former opener Nafees Iqbal. However, he has his own stardom and it is increasing day by day. To young cricketers, he is a symbol of hard-hitting batting. Though he poorly performed in his ODI debut in 2007 against Zimbabwe, he did not take long time to prove his talent and permanent his position to the national squad.
In 2011, he became the first Bangladeshi player to be named as one of the four Cricketers of the Year, in Wisden Cricketers' Almanack. Even, he was named the Test Player of the Year in the same managing that year. Currently, he is the highest run scorer for Bangladesh in T20 international. He was one of the two players who played in the inaugural Caribbean Premier League.
Khaled Mashud: Khaled Mashud was a very reliable man behind the wicket. He was a wicket-keeper and an effective middle order batsman. He will be remembered for his passionate innings against the West Indies in May 2004. In the second innings of this match, he guided his team to score 271/9 (Decl.) after Bangladesh was in trouble losing 7 wickets despite taking a first innings lead of 64.
He was even given captaincy for a short time. He was sacked from his position after an accusation of match fixing which rose after team lost at the hands of Canada and Kenya in the 2003 World Cup in Africa.
In 44 matches, he took 78 catches and broke stumps nine times. Former Bangladeshi coach, Dav Whatmore, claimed him as the best wicketkeeper in Asia.
Minhajul Abedin Nannu: Minhajul Abedin is a former Bangladeshi cricketer. He was one of the players of the middle-order batting trio who played a very important role shifting Bangladesh from ICC’s Associate members to Full members. He became a regular member in the middle order position for his consistent performance. He played 27 ODI matches from 1986 to 1999 and scored 453 runs with a career best innings of 68. During his career, he captained his country twice during the Asia Cup of 1990-91. Now, he is one of the chief selectors of BCB, along with his colleagues Akram Khan and Habibul Bashar.