Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Amelia Maltepe: Transgender model from Bangladesh wants to be Miss World

23 year old Amelia Maltepe is an aspiring glamour model living in Toronto with her boyfriend, Charles Dubuc, 27. It is her dream to become Miss World. Here is her picture with her boyfriend.  

She is very beautiful but what is interesting about Amelia is that she was a man. Amelia was born and brought up as Adesh in a Muslim family in Dhaka. Since childhood, Adesh was very different from other boys. In 2009, Adesh came to Canda to study business accounting and it opened his eyes. Mirror reports: 

Amelia, raised as Adesh, said: "To be become a Miss World is one of my biggest dreams.
"Growing up I always felt that I was trapped in the wrong body and the idea of changing gender was never an option."….
She said: "It was the first time I realised you could use surgery and medicine to change your birth gender.
"It was an amazing moment and I felt like I could finally be the person I always was."

Amelia is enjoying her new identity but her family was shocked after they came to know about her decision.

Last year, Amelia caused controversy when she appeared in a photo shoot in Toronto Sun. When her birth gender was made public, readers made a petition not to publish photos transgender models in the paper. Amelia was upset initially but did not lose heart. She wants to continue modeling.

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