Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bangla Rock Band Miles is going global

Popular Bangladeshi rock band, Miles, recently signed a deal with two International companies- Kinetic Music and Norway-based Gakk Media Ltd. Hamin Ahmed revealed the news at a press conference organized at VIP Lounge of Press Club on November 29, 2014.

Under the agreement, all the music of Miles will be distributed by these two companies all over the world for the next three years. Members of the band and officials of the two companies were present at the press conference.

Fans of Miles will now be able to download songs on their mobile devices from anywhere around the world via Nokia app store and Google Play stores at a reasonable price. The band will receive royalty from music sales.  

The band’s vocal, Shafin Ahmed, said, “Since its inception, Miles tried to stand outside from the crowd. We were also keen on promoting our music in international arena. I want to tell everyone that Bangladesh music industry has huge potential which we shall see pretty soon.”

Hamin Ahmed, another member of the band said that their dream of promoting their music in international arena finally came true. They were very excited.

Miles is one of the most popular rock bands of Bangladesh. The band started its journey in 1979. Till date, the band released 9 albums. Their latest album “Proticchobi” will be released in the coming Bengali New Year celebration.