Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Most Welcome 2: Barsha in 20 lakh taka Sari

M.A. Jalil Ananta and Barsha’s next movie Most Welcome 2 will hit the theatres soon. Barsha is playing the female lead and she will be seen wearing a sari worth Tk.2million (20 Lakh). For the first time, any Bangladeshi actress will be seen wearing such expensive dresses on the screen.  

Barsha is now shooting for the movie. The dress-designer of the movie came up with the idea. Barsha wore clothes of many famous brands. Recently, she completed shooting of a song, “Obak Prem” for the movie. In this particular song, Barsha wore a saree and three evening gowns priced more than Tk. 2 million.

Barsha is very excited about the movie. She told reporters, “We produce big-budget movies and we spare no expense to provide maximum entertainment to our viewers. Ananta is credited to have produced movies of international standards in Bangladesh.
Most Welcome 2  had been shot in beautiful locations in different countries around the world.

Ananta also wore fashionable clothes in this movie. Most Welcome 2 is the sequel of Ananta’s 2012 hit Most Welcome. As per media report, most of the work of the movie had been completed.


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