Monday, January 6, 2014

Motia Banu Shuku’s new TV serial Dhanni Meye will be aired on Channel 9 from 15 January

Motia Banu Shuku written TV serials are Chup-Kotha, Aparajita and Pragya Paramita. Of them, she jointly directed Pragya Paramita along with Juboraj Khan. Now, she is directing a new TV serial written by her own. The name of this TV serial is Dhanni Meye which is scheduled to be aired on Channel 9 from 15 January.
Shagota is doing the title character of Dhanni Meye. She said, in this play I am a very calm and quiet girl who is a Doctor. I have worked with the same director earlier. I was a health worker in Ekta Kinle Ekta Free and doctor in Chup-Kotha. I am enjoying working with her.
Last Sunday Shuku said, now the shooting of the serial’s title song is going on. It was sung by Kona.
Abul Hayat, Samia, Sharna, Shamol Mawla, Dipannita Halder, Dolly Jahur and others have acted in this movie.  

It should be noted here that viewers have high expectation about her works. They know that Shuku will not disappoint them. Her new serial will give the viewers entertainment. 

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